What Happens When You Stand Up To A Narcissist

What Happens When You Stand Up To A Narcissist?

What happens when you stand up to a narcissist is fairly simple. The narcissist will become angry, scared, and confused. They may even try and guilt you for daring to stand up for yourself.

To these people, they believe have every right to hurt you, manipulate you, use you, and control you as if you were nothing more than a toy for their enjoyment.

The last tidbit about us being a toy for their enjoyment/amusement hits a home run out of the park at a massive level.

Because these people lack emotional maturity, they believe that we are their toys to play with.

And like a spoiled brat who thinks they are just entitled to everything they set their eyes on when the narcissist can’t get it or have it taken away, they will throw a temper tantrum.

This is why many people are calling the narcissist kidults.

They behave as if they are toddlers or small kids.

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What Happens When You Stand Up To A Narcissist?

What Happens When You Stand Up To A Narcissist

Standing up for yourself, or even better, WALKING AWAY from these people, denies them their chance at being happy. Stop trying to fix what you didn’t break!

To a person who has a rather infantile solipsistic way of thinking, they honestly believe that you are wronging them. 

What Is Infantile Solipsism?

What happens when you stand up to a narcissist, is not to different from what happens when you punish a toddler.

Up until a certain age, probably around the teenage years, most people experience infantile solipsism, the childish notion that they are the only player in the world, and that everyone else is just a product of their subconscious


Imagine this for a second, you as a parent and your child does something bad. 

You told them several times not to do a specific action, but they keep doing it anyway. 

Now, to punish them, you may take away their toy or not give them dessert.

What happens to them?

The child will start to yell, scream, throw a temper tantrum!

This is the same thing that a narcissistic person will do when you stand up for yourself or, better yet, WALK AWAY. 

By removing yourself, walking away from these people’s lives, what you do is akin to taking away a toy from a spoiled brat. 

They will say it’s not fair and whine and moan, but that is not your problem. 

The narcissist may even try and guilt you into not giving them what they want. 

Walking away and going no contact is perhaps one of the most powerful ways to get back at a narcissist as you show them how little they matter to you, and you deny them their enjoyment of you. 

By standing up for yourself, it is akin to not letting a kid have dessert. 

They get dessert (your presence) when they start to act in a more friendly manner. 

Stand Up For Yourself Against A Bully

What Happens When You Stand Up To A Narcissist

What happens when you stand up to a narcissist is the same as wehn you stand up to a bully.

Narcissists are nothing more than bullies. They are the big boy on the playground who scares the other kids into giving him what he wants.

The thing about bullies (narcissists) is that they only pick on people who will not fight back and who back down from them.

Once you start standing up for yourself and showing them that you are not scared of them and will not do what they want, they back off. 

They are nothing more than cowards! 

You may feel scared to stand up at first, but courage is a skill that can be cultivated. 

And this is something they know about people, so they always try and guilt people into doing what they want. 

Be un-apologetically you, and learn how to say “NO” when you do not want to do something. 

Standing up for yourself will give you so much self-respect, and walking away can and probably will save your life. 

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